E-Commerce Website

  • User-Friendly Design
  • Mobile-Friendly Features
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Very Reasonable Cost

1. User-Friendly Design

Perhaps the most important feature customers want in an ecommerce site is a good user experience. If your customers can’t find their way around your website or they struggle to find what they’re looking for, they will likely move swiftly on to one of the many other online retailers. Utilize ecommerce UX best practices.

Prioritize customer experience by:

  • Creating a simple, straightforward, high-quality homepage.
  • Including a search bar.
  • Clearly listing category pages in the navigation bar.
  • Focusing on creating a responsive website.

2. Mobile-Friendly Features

In the modern marketplace, ecommerce consumers are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices. According to SaleCycle, mobile devices were used in 56% of all online purchases in 2020.

In other words, most customers want to browse online stores on their phones, so including mobile optimization in your ecommerce website design is vital.

Ensure your web design is automatically modified for the screen size and shape of phones to increase your conversion rate and keep customers happy.

3. Multiple Payment Options

Shopping cart abandonment is often a big issue for online retailers.

To improve your chance of sealing the deal in the final checkout process on your website, be sure to make the purchasing stage as easy as possible for your customers by offering multiple online payment methods in the shopping cart.

In addition to offering debit and credit card options, consider adding options for payment providers like PayPal or Stripe. You could also add plugins that have a buy now, pay later functionality to encourage customers to press the “purchase” button.

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